Renovation Drafts & Updates

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Highlights of St. Mark’s Renovation Plans


On the following pages you will find the draft floor plans for the renovation of St. Mark’s. This is based upon the requests and data available through the first of the year 2020. The Renovation Team is seeking your questions, suggestions, and ideas prior to reconvening to come up with an updated plan. Please note that the anticipated costs are based upon 2020 prices and will obviously be changed in the new environment.

PHASE 1 (2020 Estimated Cost $583,000)

  • New Men’s Restroom adjacent to Women’s (lose Custodial closet)

  • New Family Restroom across from Choir room

  • Renovated Women’s Restroom

  • Remove hall wall from lounge to create open Gathering Space with coffee bar; with high/low top tables

  • Convert nursery/pre-school classroom to office space for Pastor to allow private consultation

  • Convert other pre-school classroom to multi-purpose room for Sunday School and committee meetings; will have moveable furniture

  • Convert Chapel to Multi-purpose room for Sunday School/Conference room

  • Convert present Pastor’s office to support staff office (Christian Ed, Tech, etc.)

  • Convert present Men’s Restroom to Tech/Custodial closet

  • Add HVAC in offices, multi-purpose room, Gathering Space, choir room

  • Add Wi-Fi throughout building

  • Asbestos removal in ceilings and floors in main hallway and adjacent rooms

PHASE 2 - Fellowship Hall (2020 Estimated Cost $426,000)

  • Add 2 Family Restrooms; demo stage

  • Replace flooring

  • New Storage for tables/chairs

  • Add Acoustic treatment

  • Add HVAC

  • Add Elevator Shaft

PHASE 3 - Sunday School Wing (2020 Estimated Cost $289,000)

  • Create Elevator Corridor; Install elevator

  • Replace flooring and paint classrooms

  • Update Boys/Girls restrooms

  • Add HVAC to Sunday School wing

  • Update lighting/technology in Sunday School wing