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St. Marks Church Committees

St. Marks Church Committees

The Mission committee reflects on ways to share the good news of Jesus in Ohio and around the world.

The Christian Education committee oversees the educational and youth programs of the congregation. 

The Worship & Music committee oversees the worship life of the congregation including the choir, bell choir, and special music.

 Congregational Ministries provides social opportunities; Recognize special events in the life of members, Welcome visitors and guests.


Mission Focus and Strategic Planning is proactive in the conuntinueing mission of the church into the future and compasses both the congregation and community. 

Staff Support offers help and guidance to our staff.

The Property & Maintenance Committee maintains and upgrades the building and grounds.

Church Council Members:

Tina Waltz



JP Metz

Vice President


Chris Sorenson 



Mark Swaney



Council members, their terms of office, and committee they are the liaison to are as follows:

Tina Waltz               2018 - 2022      President, Member of the Renovation Steering Committee

JP Metz                     2020 - 2022     Vice-President, Liaison to  the Property and Maintenance                                                                       Commitee

Chris Sorensen       2020 - 2022     Secretary, Liaison to the Worship & Music Committee,                                                                           Liaison to the Christian Education  Committee 

Laura Heitz             2020 - 2022      Liaison to the Congregational Ministry Committee &                                                                             Mission Focus

Mike Burton           2019 - 2025      Liaison to the Renovation Steering Committee 


Mark Swaney          2022 -  2025     Treasurer, Liaison to the Fianance Committee





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