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Multimedia and I.T. Commitee

The multimedia and I.T. commitee is dedicated to exploring multimedia options for viability and worship effectiveness. This includes multicasting our worship services to a variety of social media platforms.


Worship & Music Commitee

The worship and music committee's goal  is for worship services to facilitate active participation, invite reflection on God's message, and move worshippers to live out God's Grace daily.


Ministry Families

(coming soon)

The creation of Ministry families are being considered to fulfill our call to be ministers of God.  A ministry family will be created from 7-10 households of various life stages and activity levels.  The Ministry Family is invited to pray for each other, minister to each other in time of need, serve in worship services, and encourage membership engagement.


Time & Talents

The time and talents questionnaire provides our congregation with many opportunities to serve. Both hardcopies and digital forms are offered on an annual basis. Click on the button below to get started.

Thank You


Many Blessings

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