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St. Mark's is a faith community who is "in the city for good!"  And we're growing and learning about how to be and do that in new and deeper ways.  In late 2021, we hosted a Community Leadership Gathering, in which a number of representatives from area organizations came to share their perspectives and hopes.  These remarkable community leaders shared stories, helped us to better understand community realities and needs, and gave ideas for how to better engage and serve in a spirit of compassion and community care.  Some of the needs include the need for volunteers; others share financial needs.  We are grateful for these community partners, and we are eager to see how God might lead us into a deeper spirit of service.  


To watch the video of the Community Leader Gathering, please click here.


To read a summary of some of our discoveries,

please click here.


If you are interested in getting involved or learning more, please contact us.



Vision Statement:

St. Mark’s will transform the Wapakoneta area and the world

into a community of love by connecting the disconnected to

God’s Grace and Salvation.

We welcome, support, and care for all people.

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