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Searching for Easter Eggs

Catechism Retreat Photos

American Red Cross


The American Red Cross has renewed its request that area organizations donate cookies for the blood drives. This was suspended during Covid. We have agreed to supply ten dozen cookies on Thursday, April 20. They need to be delivered to the St. Joe Parish Hall by 10:30. They cannot have nuts or peanut butter in them. A sign-up will be available.


Restoring the Luster


When the renovation work is completed, at least the dust making part of it, we will be cleaning the woodwork in the sanctuary, including the pews. The woodwork will be wiped down with Murphy Oil soap. Since many hands make light work, you will be invited to clean “your pew.” The week that this takes place will be announced when the timing is right.

Renovation Pictures

The ceiling girders are going up and the bathroom plumbing is being roughed in.



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