Worship Time Change

September 13, 2020


9:00 AM - Sunday School

10:15 AM - Worship

5:00 PM - Saturday Worship

Worship on September 6th will be at 9:15 am for it is our pattern to have Sunday worship be at that time from Memorial Day weekend through Labor day weekend. On September 13th Sunday worship returns to starting at 10:15 am. Saturday worship continues to be at 5:00 pm.

No Sunday School at this Time


There will be no Sunday School at this time for several reasons. First of all, the adult class led by Julie Miars Golden is not meeting at this time either in-person or on Zoom, but she anticipates meeting sometime in the future. Second, the numbers of elementary and preschool children who have come in the past have done so sporadically.  It has become difficult for the teachers to know how many children will be present or even if there will be any present. Frequently, it was just one or two. So with that state combined with the COVID crisis, it seems prudent to explore other options.

The only other group of any size or cohesiveness is the Senior Youth Group. Since they already meet on a regular basis in the school setting it could be possible for them to meet as a group. To that end Pastor Doug  plans to call a meeting of the high school students after Labor Day weekend for the group to determine how they might best come together to know and serve Jesus. Hopefully by that time they will have settled into the situation in the school system and in the county.


Wapak Loaves and Fishes 

On Thursday, July 16th, six people on behalf of St. Mark's Lutheran Church helped at Loaves and Fishes. Amanda Wilder, Shelley Koch, Kristi Fisher, Courtney Rogers, and Steve and Laura Heitz prepared and served chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes, corn, melon, cookies and cupcakes, serving 130 carry-out meals. A donation of $17 was given for Loaves and Fishes that day. It's a privilege to serve our small community in this important ministry.

God Bless!

Laura Heitz

    New Beginnings, New Era


The New Beginnings Preschool reopened on August 25th and the Preschool Classes will begin on September 8th. Amanda Wilder is the new director, and she has had the joy of trying to start a new business this summer while the protocols and the requirements keep changing. However, with Governor DeWine’s decision to allow preschools to operate under the former requirements along with additional COVID precautions, the voices of happy children will once again fill the halls of St. Mark’s.

Just as the COVID crisis was ramping up the Strategic Planning Committee was winding down its work of determining the mission focus and priorities of St. Mark’s. The committee was two weeks into its presentation when in-person worship ceased for three and a half months. Nevertheless, one of the priorities that the committee was planning to present to the congregation was to seek a closer relationship between St. Mark’s and New Beginnings.

Prior to COVID the plan was for Pastor Doug to lead the children in chapel worship twice a month instead of once a month. Last year Carol Pretorius would lead the children in singing two or three songs and then Pastor Doug will tell them a Bible Story. This took fifteen minutes and would take place on the third Tuesday and the third Thursday. So now the plan is for them to have chapel with the children twice a month on the second and fourth weeks of the month.

Holy Baptism!

Holy Baptism! – Emilia June Woehrmyer, daughter of Dustin & Lindsey (Rader) Woehrmyer was baptized on Sunday, July 5 during the 9:15 a.m. worship service. Her sponsors were Doug & Ashley Overman.



Congratulations and Best Wishes to Bob Kinninger and Doreen Peterson who were married on July 31, 2020. May God bless them as they begin their married life together!

Upcoming Weddings

September 12, 2020

Morgan Miller and Zeek Alexander


October 10, 2020

Tim King and Sarah Moore


October 24, 2020

Aaron Johnson and Courtney Robey

Servants Day Update

 Saturday, September 12* 

8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

(*rain date:  September 19)


A letter about Servants Day from Coordinator Rachel Barber:

Dear Friends,

Every year since 2010 local volunteers has set aside a Saturday to help repair the homes of persons in need in and around Wapakoneta.

Servants Day WILL take place this year as well.  Because we are focusing on outdoor (and often smaller) projects, the number of volunteers needed is reduced.   We will not be having a sign-up in churches, but will instead rely on our many years’ worth of volunteer lists to complete the jobs requested.  We’ll call potential helpers this week.  We hope that you all plan on participating in Servants Day 2021! 

Thank you, God bless, and take good care.

—Rachel Barber

Left to Right: Ansley Newman, Grace LaMarr, Addi Fisher, Denton Retterer,

Pastor Doug Pretorius, Kerrigan Lenhart, Gabriella “Gabby” Raney, Lyla Wilder 

Video Capabilities Upgraded Significantly


St. Mark’s now has a video system installed and has upgraded our internet capability so that TSC now streams our data over a fiber optic cable. This means that we will be able to live stream our worship services.

Dustin Jeanneret and John Doll have worked hard this summer to purchase and install a video recording system. Throughout the month of August Dustin has been refining the recording technology so that the You-Tube Worship Services sent out during August have used that new technology. As with all new things, there have been issues that have needed to be figured out and it seems most of the major ones have tended to.

As of August 23rd we now have a fiber optic connection which will allow us to live stream the worship service on Sundays. Just like it has taken awhile to get the camera work settled, so too it will take a while for the live streaming. We will announce on our weekly internet announcements the platforms and the timing of when we will begin live streaming.

The goal is to be able to give to you four worship opportunities each weekend:

  • A live worship service at 5:00 pm on Saturday evenings.

  • A live worship service at 10:15 am on Sundays.

  • A live-streamed worship service at 10:15 am on Sundays.

  • A pre-recorded You-Tube worship service from the previous week.

Global Missions Weekend

September 26 / 27

We are pleased to announce that the Rev. Dr. Mark Rich & the Rev. Dr. Cynthia Holder Rich will be leading worship on Saturday, September 26 at 5:00 pm and on Sunday, September 27 at 10:15 am. They will be preaching and presenting the work that they do as Lecturers in Theology at Tumaini University, Makumira, Usa River, Arusha, Tanzania.

St. Mark’s has just begun supporting them as part of our Missions Committee emphasis upon supporting an overseas missionary. We had made arrangements with Pastors Mark & Cynthia to come this last weekend in September while they were on furlough, but COVID changed everything. They have returned to their home in Columbus and as of June 1 they have begun teaching remotely. This has been a first time event for Tumaini University. However, due to their inability to meet in-person, they will be joining us remotely from their home.

Saturday, September 26, 5:00 pm Worship Service:

We will have a live in-person worship service while they join us via Zoom.  It will include a PowerPoint presentation of what they do and its importance for Tanzania and for Africa. In addition they will be preaching. This worship service/teaching time will give the participants an opportunity to ask questions and to interact with them. A Zoom link will be distributed later that will allow anyone who has electronic access to link in remotely from their home.

Sunday, September 27, 9:15 am to 10:05 am PowerPoint Presentation:

Pastors Mark and Cynthia have developed a PowerPoint presentation that they will be adapting for our local situation. This will give you an understanding of what they do, the importance this has for the church, and its influences on Tanzania and Africa. They will be presenting this via Zoom on a link that will be distributed later. You may join in from your home or come to the church sanctuary where the presentation will be shown on the screen.

Sunday, September 27, 10:15 am Live Stream and In-Person Worship Service:

The Sunday Morning Worship Service will feature a sermon that they have recorded and music from Tanzania. You may participate in this worship service via Live Stream, In-Person, or on the You-Tube recording. By that Sunday we should have our live stream working and so we will let you know how to log in.


As is our usual pattern you are given the opportunity to support them directly. The church newsletter has had copies of their regular newsletter throughout this past year. You are invited to make a generous donation. Please mark it “Tanzania.”

Our Deepest Sympathy

Our deepest Christian Sympathy is extended to Bob & Doreen Kinninger on the death of Bob’s mother, Betty Lee Williams. She passed away on July 13, 2020 at the Wapakoneta Manor. Pastor Doug Pretorius led a private family service on July 15, 2020.


Our deepest Christian Sympathy is extended to Mark & Sandy Swaney on the death of Sandy’s mother, Betty Layman on July 31, 2020 at St. Rita’s Medical Center.


Our deepest Christian Sympathy is extended to Denise Raney and family on the death of Denise’s mother, Judith Nicker who died on August 3, 2020.


Our deepest Christian Sympathy is extended to the family of Jo Ann Howard. Jo Ann died on August 4, 2020. Pastor Doug led a private graveside burial on Friday, August 7, 2020.

Our deepest Christian Sympathy is extended to the family of Maxine Scott. Maxine passed away on August 6, 2020 at Heritage Manor, Minster.


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