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Preparation for Worship

This summer you are invited to come to worship early enough to become present to the moment. Although it is typical of Americans to be on time, it is also typical to arrive right on time, right at the minute that the  event is scheduled to begin. Too often, however, our bodies arrive before our souls and spirits get there. Our minds are still churning with disturbances, anticipations, and memories. We are still noticing what is new, still searching for what is missing, and still seeking to feel the vibes.

To help us become attentive to the moment, each week Pastor Doug will be preparing practices that bring us to attention and meditations that give us a direction. To that end, it will be helpful if you greet people in the entrance hall or the Gathering Space, and if you give people silence and space in the sanctuary to be attentive and to prepare. 



Sunday School Debrief

Sunday, June 2, at 9:30 am, all Sunday School Teachers, parents, and interested persons are invited to meet in the music room, Multi-Purpose Room #2, to discuss how the Sunday School Year went. We will be asking the following questions:

  • What went well?

  • What did we learn about how to make it work?

  • What improvements could we make?

  • What changes would be a good idea?




Thank You to Our Sunday School Teachers


Sunday School for children was revived this year under the leadership of Ruth Doll and Carol Garber. We are grateful for all the Sunday School teachers who made this year possible: Ruth Doll, Carol Garber, Dustin Jeanneret, Ashley Schmerge,  and Amanda Schmerge. Jen Garber provided the music, Tina Waltz was the support person who helped out with copying materials, Paul Rogers taught the youth, and Julie Miars Golden led the adult discussion group.


Story Time to Begin

Do you love to hear good stories? Come hear good stories and tell them too during Story Time. Starting Sunday, June 16, and every following Sunday this summer, you are invited to the Music Room, Multi-Purpose Room 4, from 9:30 am until 9:55 am for Story Time. Pastor Doug will begin with a story related to the theme of the day (see themes below). Then, anyone else can tell a story that relates to the theme or is prompted by the previous stories.

The purpose of the story time is for folks to get to know one another better and to deepen our connections with one another. The stories can be humorous or poignant. They do not need to be vulnerable or self-revealing; they just need to be stories from your own experiences.

So that everyone feels safe, the following ground rules will be followed:

  • Share only as much as you want.

  • Be as brief as possible and as long as necessary.

  • It is OK to listen and not speak.

  • No second story until everyone who wants to share has done so .

  • No interruptions of the speaker.

  • No judgments, criticisms, or suggestions.

June 16 -Tell a story that has your dad in it.

June 23 - Tell a story that includes your sibling(s) in it.

(Or tell one about a close friend if you are an only child.)

June 24 -When did something go wrong on a trip?

June 31 -Water is somewhere in the story.



Seeking Musicians for Musical Offerings during Sunday Worship

Since the vocal ensemble does not sing in the summer, you are invited to make a musical offering by singing a solo or playing an instrument during worship. Contact Melissa Grunden at 419-204-1420 with available dates.

Blessing the 2024 High School Graduates


Erika Lisi was elected prom queen, yet her favorite memory from high school was being in the student section cheering on the football team. She will attend the University of Cincinnati and will major in Interior Design.










Ryan Price enjoyed the feeling of the “pregame fire” that would come before the football and baseball games, even more than making All District First Team outfielder. Ryan will be attending The OSU in Columbus as a pre-med student with a major in neuroscience.



















Sarah Garber loved her teacher Mrs. Miller and her classmates. Running for class president, she promised everyone pink pencils and mashed potatoes. She will be attending Turning Point for several years to gain job and life experience.





Many Blessings to All the Graduates!


Loaves and Fishes Desserts Needed

Cookies or desserts (preferably individually wrapped) are needed for Thursday June 13 when St. Mark's is scheduled to serve 300 meals at Loaves and Fishes. Please use the signup sheet on the table at our entry. Cookies can be brought to St Mark's by noon on the 13th or to First English Lutheran Church between noon and 3 o'clock at the alley doors on the south side of the building. Call or text Laura Heitz at 419-204-8313 if you can help with meal prep and/or clean up.  Thanks. God bless!


Renovation Loans Paid Off This Month

St. Mark’s will pay the final installment of $81,577 on the Renovation Loans on June 31. Thanks to everyone who has donated to this project and those who continue to do so. As of May 29 we have $43,069 in the Renovation Fund and $27,246 of pledges yet to be paid.

We therefore we will be taking around $11,262 out of our reserves.


Thank You Note from Mercy Unlimited for Tornado Relief

Mercy Unlimited sent us a thank you note for our gift of $670 which was donated by members of St. Mark’s to assist the victims of the tornado which hit Glacier Hills Campgound and other areas in Auglaize County.


Lauren Doll Graduates from Miami

Lauren Doll, graduated from Miami University on Sunday, May 19, with a BA in French, Linguistics, and French Education. She will be teaching French at Granville High School in the fall and is currently serving as a camp counselor at Camp Lutherwald.


Catechism Instruction

A two-year program of instruction in the basic teachings and practices of the Christian faith will begin the second Wednesday in September and will be on Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:30 pm.



Andy and Courtney Kinninger are proud to announce the birth of their first child, Sophia Rosanne Kinninger. She was born on March 11, 2024 at 4:05 pm.






St. Mark’s Now Has a Cell Phone

St. Mark’s has recently purchased an iPhone. The number is 567-356-6799. Please enter this number into your cell phone. Our Administrative Assistant, Elaine Hawkins, will be the one receiving texts and responding to them. She will text you with reminders and information. You may text her with questions or comments.

Pastor Doug does NOT have access to this cell phone. It is for office use only and will only be monitored during business hours: Monday through Friday, 8 am to noon. To contact Pastor Doug, please use his cell phone number: 419-512-4491. He also receives calls on the church’s land line: 419-738-3122. If he is not in the office, the phone system will record a voice message.


The Northwestern Ohio Synod Assembly

The Northwestern Ohio Synod Assembly will be held on Saturday, June 2. Every two years delegates from all the synod’s churches meet to elect synodical committee members, vote on a budget, and to vote on other matters pertaining to the synod. This year Pastor Doug will be accompanied by our delegates Shelley Koch and Mark Swaney.

National Day of Prayer Photos

Photos by Pastor Deb Monnin

Sophia Kinninger.jpeg
Summer Fun


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