Renovation Drafts & Updates

Get the latest  renovation updates and inspect the proposed floor plans

We are Renewing God's House physically, spiritually and missionally. St. Mark’s building is being renovated so we can serve God and our neighbor through greater hospitality and mission.

The Revised Building Renovation Plans

Freytag and Associates prepared the renovation plans and costs. A drawing of the plans is located inside this brochure. The costs are on the back panel and the details are on the other flap.

The revision puts three bathrooms in one location at the site of the present women’s bathroom, the present utility closet, and a portion of the music room. The women’s bathroom, the handicap bathroom, and the men’s bathroom will be located side by side.

The gathering space will be opened up to provide greater hospitality. The church lounge will be moved to the site of the old chapel. The old men’s bathroom will become a utility closet. The former utility room (next to the old men’s room) will become an electrical room.

Air conditioning will be installed throughout the renovated sections and in the Fellowship Hall.

Worship Space Renovation

The Renovation of the Worship Space includes 4 monitors to project the worship service, additional audio equip-ment, and re-wiring all the audio lines at an estimated cost of $25,000