“"In their hunger you gave them bread from heaven and in their thirst you brought them water from the rock; you told them to go in and take possession of the land you had sworn with uplifted hand to give them."

Nehemiah 9:15 NIV


A program of Feeding Children International


WHY: To package 24,000 meals to feed hungry and starving children in the U.S. and around the world.



Volunteers will form teams in assembly line fashion to measure, weigh and package the four ingredients in these life saving and life changing meals that costs only 28 cents per meal to produce.  This process takes less than 2 hours with the help of 60 volunteers of all ages. 


To volunteer, email or call the church office stmarks@bright.net / 419-738-3122.

To make a donation by check, make check out to St. Marks Lutheran Church with a notation for Kids Against Hunger. Our goal is $950.  We still need $300.

Below is a recap from Kids Against Hunger on September 21 and a summary of the history between St. Mark’s joining First English in helping with Kids Against Hunger. It is from the chairperson, Connie Krites.



We had a great packaging of the rice packets for Kids Against Hunger on September 21 with our 64 volunteers (40 volunteers from St. Mark’s) packaging 17,064 meals.  I kept information from each of the 12 years we have been doing this together and shared some facts and figures with the group before we started working.  A couple people asked if I would share it with your church.


We began in 2008 packaging 10,000 meals with our 76 volunteers and raised $2800.

In 2009 we packaged 10,000 meals with 72 volunteers and raised $2800.

In 2010 we packaged 12,350 meals with 87 volunteers and raised $3,272.85 In 2011 we packaged 12,014 meals with 80 volunteers and raised $3,272.81 In 2012 we packaged 11,016 meals with 80 volunteers and raised $3,085.06 In 2013 we packaged 11,320 meals with 95 volunteers and raised $3,169.56 In 2014 we packaged 16,584 meals with 77 volunteers and raised $4,495.37 In 2015 we packaged approximately 24,000 meals with 104 volunteers and raised $5,898.23 In 2016 we packaged 23,760 meals with 75 volunteers and raised $6,592.19 In 2017 we packaged 20,304 meals with 106 volunteers and raised 4,873.62 In 2018 we packaged 16,650 meals with 73 volunteers and raised $4,298.22 This year in 2019 we packaged 17,064 meals with 64 volunteers and raised



All totaled over the past 12 years together we raised $49,297.09 and 989 volunteers packaged 185,062 meals to help those in our community and "around the corner"as Michael Burwell from KAH states.


To God Along Be the Glory!!