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Renovation Plans Update


The renovation plans are moving forward. The following steps have been taken:

  • Amanda Wilder, the Director of the New Beginnings Preschool, has agreed to move her two upstairs classrooms downstairs for the 2022-23 school year. She will move them this summer and then be re-certified by the state to use those rooms. Her moving those classes will enable us to renovate in the winter when more contractors are available. Furthermore, this should avoid the premium rates summer work commands as well as allowing us to get the renovation done sooner.

  • The Renovation Team contracted with Freytag and Associates to provide schematic drawings and cost estimates by August 7. In addition, the team prioritized the renovations so that they could estimate how much they could accomplish for the $500,000 we anticipate. Those priorities in order are:
    1.    Asbestos Removal 
    2.    Install the three New Bathrooms in one location,                not cheapest but not most luxurious either
    3.    Air Conditioning for the Main Wing
    4.    Remodel the Lounge
    5.    Install Wi-Fi throughout the building
    6.    Remodel the Downstairs Bathrooms – new floor,              lights, toilets, and sink
    7.    Upgrade the Worship Space
    8.    AC in the Fellowship Hall


  • The asbestos removal will be separate from the rest of the contractor work, and St. Mark’s is responsible for that. We have solicited a bid to remove the asbestos ceilings and floors from the original building (except the sanctuary). Initial estimates indicate that it will take 3-4 weeks to pressurize the building and to do the removal.

  • The church council voted to approve a contract with Freytag and Associates for $12,500 for the schematic drawings and cost estimates and has voted to call a special congregational meeting on August 7th for the threefold purpose of approving the renovation work to be done according to the Freytag estimates, to approve the contract to remove the asbestos, and to approve getting a construction loan. A construction loan will enable us to renovate prior to the end of the three-year capital campaign.

  • The process to apply for a construction loan has been started.



What We Need from You for the Renovation to Proceed

  1. To give regularly and generously to the General Fund throughout the summer. Although it is typical for giving to drop off in the summer months, we will need to show the bank that the congregation is supporting the ongoing ministry of St. Mark’s while also having the pledges and gifts to pay back a construction loan. These are not typical loans for banks and so they need to know we can repay it.

  2. Anyone who has made a yearly pledge and who is able to donate it immediately is invited to do so ASAP.

  3. Monthly donors are invited to make sure they do so every month to establish an expected pattern of giving.

  4. Anyone who is waiting to make a pledge before they ae assured the renovation will  happen can greatly increase the likelihood of it happening by making a generous pledge and by giving it ASAP.

  5. Finally, we are anticipating making this happen within the year. If you have any concerns or questions, asking them sooner rather than later is helpful for your leaders to plan.

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